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Tranny Girl !

I need a new computer!

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he heh(yes!) (flush

I need a new computer!

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jerk you off hon?
But for now I guess I'll just have to send you these filthy thoughts from in the library, sitting next to some unsuspecting woman who's using the computer next to me, while I get half-erect(!) from all the general horniness I arouse in myself!
(If i'm not carefdul I won't be able to stand up! (It'll push it's way past my panties, and there'll be a tent under my skirt as i walk! ;) :) :) :)
(One time i went and jerked off in the bathroom!((yea, AT the library! while everybody was just outside the door... iIwas sitting astride the woman's toilet jerking and jerking and jerking myself wildly(and smelling all the smells of cunny the girls left in there TOO! :) , and I spermed all over it, and I had to wipe it off the seat, so noone'd know!
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