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Tranny Girl !

sometimes you can see it...

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he heh(yes!) (flush

sometimes you can see it...

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he heh(yes!) (flush
when I'm dancing
and it gets a little hard down there
and it gets away from the embrace of my panties
and begins to poke willinlgy at the softness of my skirt
as I dance sultry and sweet, singing for the men
It gets me hot, and then hotter-
till finally I have to take it out and beat it fiercely
- my cock!
I point it at them, stroking, and I'm SO excited! and I shoot my sperm right on them
beating and oo'ing and ah'ing on them all
as they gawp at my excited cumming manpole
I'm cupping my breasts, and making the o-face
while some of them are trying to catch it with their sweet mouths, oh!
and they've all begun to stroke THEIR hard cumming dicks, under the tables.
Ooh, I say. I always WANTED to work under the tables
and I scooch to my knees under the first one
just in time to catch a load on my face.
There's a big gob on my new blouse, but it's a gob of man orgasm and I love it.
So I slide under the next table, where a large earnest-faced guy is beckonming me with his beautiful purple-headed choad.
I gobble it into my mouth and suck just as it starts to spurt into me, and I maske sucking pressure on it and = oh god, he's spurting so much! ooh! ooh! I'm gonna come for real now! ooh!

(mm) I guess I'll tell you about the time 5 guys jerked off onto me at once next time -
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