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Tranny Girl !

When I was a young BOY!...

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he heh(yes!) (flush

When I was a young BOY!...

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he heh(yes!) (flush

OK, I'm gonna tell you my story ...

I was born a boy. But my brain was formed female, in the womb, so I came out as someone, a young lad,
who understood NOTHING about being, or wanting to be, male.

At three years old my favorite toy was a pocketbook I'd gotten from my mother. I'd put all my little
toys in it, and walk around a bit, and then dump it all out and play with the toys-carefully putting
them all back in and carrying them off (IN my pocketbook!)when I was done---

My father disapproved.
And they SHAMED me out of that prized posession. And bought me a baseball bat.

I knew not how to want it, and I had no ability to learn to.

Because my brain was formed as a girl's brain physically,so that's just how it was gonna' be.

For those who don't understand how this happens ...in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, as the genes
are firing up one after the other, delivering their messages of how to build the feet, how to make
the larynx, how to form the ears..etc, when it gets to where the brain is to be formed, there is a
job that the CHROMOSOMES do...they give out a constant SIGNAL("We're building A BOY", " Remember,
we're building A BOY." "Remember-we're building A BOY") and they give this message constantly, to
the genes as they assemble the fetus.

IN the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, if the mother is under stress, or if ther is nutritional deficiency,

This is significant because the key difference between a male and a female brain
(they're physically different, structurally)
is that in a girl, the center
portion which joins the two "halves(sides)" of the brain together is bigger.

And when the chromosome's message GETS THROUGH normally, the developing brain will just STUNT the
center portion's growth (at boy size). If however the message gets blocked, the default instruction
is to go ahead and develop it full-size (girl size).

The larger(full size,fully developed)connecting,center portion of the brain
-even if it develops in a boys body-as it can so easily do-
is responsible for all these differences in character,likes/dislikes, abilities,proclivities:

*much more feeling(sensitive)-will cry easily,feel deeply
*understands color, and atmosphere
*is intuitive
*is verbal(wymin use 50,000 words a day/men use 12,000)
*not agressive
*attracted to men
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