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Tranny Girl !

I miss my blog!

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he heh(yes!) (flush

I miss my blog!

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i just FINALLY had a chance to see my mail - it's been a month since i went missing,i guess - and so many of you commented about it. I love you guys, that's so sweet! Thankyou.

Yeah, i'm on a library computer - and the trustees have really been messing with it(they disabled right clicking, for sagety reasons, they said(wtf!!!)-A N D they've disallowed, so disabled BLOGGING :( I'M BUYING MY OWN COMPUTER.

In the meantime I've gotten such great responses and opportuntities to talk, and get to know a few people- and yet I haven't been ABLE TO respond. I'm so sorry. I hope you don't just lose interest.
I friended back those of you who friended me. I read my mail but can't respond right now.

I'm lonely.
I'm horny.
And I need a good spankin' from several of you naughty boys all at once(I want a good face slapping with multiple hard coming dicks! mm) Oh, but i can;'t get woirked up right now. I'll just ahve to go play with my cock with my right hand, and my left breast with my other hand, and come in front of the TV again! But I'll be thinkin' of you - and what I'm gonna do with my nerw computer.

See you soon. (you're all so sweet!) -Debs x
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